Fabric Texture Pack v1

I’ve been ignoring this blog since I started it, but now that I’ve launched my new fabric e-commerce shop, BuyandCreate.com, I figure I should put this blog to good use and generate some traffic.


So here are some fabrics from (or soon to be from) my site to use for whatever you want. Please ignore the license I used on Flickr, I don’t need any attribution at all.


Now onto the fabrics


Striped Canvas



Quilted Velvet


Striped Natural Linen


Technicolor Silk


Zig Zag Chenille


Striped Linen


Woven Raw Silk


Striped Silk Burlap


Grayscale Linen


Brown Plaid


Lycra Boxes


Get Striped Canvas at BuyandCreate.com

Get Striped Natural Linen at BuyandCreate.com

Get Striped Linen at BuyandCreate.com

Get Woven Raw Silk at BuyandCreate.com

Get Striped Silk Burlap at BuyandCreate.com

Get Greyscale Linen at BuyandCreate.com

Get Lycra Boxes at BuyandCreate.com


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